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Are you craving for simplicity yet get bored if things are not complex or colourful (enough)?

Are you quite or very structured and organized (from the outside) yet were called “all over the place” and felt inner chaos and lost in translation when juggling or trying to convey your vision, multiple ideas and definitions of concepts?

Have you been living with a very harsh inner critic – a reflection of your constant striving for excellence and high standards?

Hi, my name is Patricia. I’m a Swiss writer, teacher and mentor for analytical, bright and creative people like you.

What motivates me to create this space is simple. I wish you to

Do Your Best Work And Flourish

The content I am eager to share has been living in my head for quite a long time.

For people like us, phases of overthinking and procrastinating (or rather keeping ourselves busy with research and procrastivity) regularly alter with flow and creativity that lead to massive productivity and output. Right?

I do have a website in English where Patty Muffins blogged about her experiences as a Gifted Adult, another one in French – Sens et Sensibilité and in case you wonder, yes there is a pun and link with Jane Austen – and I do hold a SPACE to collaborate and co-create for a small number of not so ordinary women.

I am very aware of how little I know, even in fields where I could call myself an expert: goal setting and achieving, time and energy management, writing & editing, using your unique strengths to flourish, high sensitivity and “giftedness” in adults.

At age 4 I have taught myself to read and I have kept on devouring books and researching information ever since.

I bet you also have several more or less eclectic topics of interest where you have taught yourself tons (because then you can go at your own accelerated and non-linear pace) which now you may have a hard time to prove because there is no diploma.

Is this you?

You are probably in the second half of your life. And even if there is still so much to learn you also know that you have so much to share.

The big question is how.

How to make time for all that you fancy to pursue and experiment with?

How to free time to spend quality time with loved ones?

How to find time to express yourself creatively as well for self-care and a healthy lifestyle?

And most importantly, how to share what you have to offer?

In short, how to “work” and play in a way that not only makes you good money but also fills you with joy, energy and meaning?

I decided it’s time to simply write about and publish what I wish I had known or someone had taught me some 20 or 30 years ago.

What if you could think – and believe (!) – that:

you are not weird or flawed – your mind (and body) just function differently from the vast majority.

you don’t have to be perfect nor a good girl to be loveable and loved – bad habits you may have started to cultivate early on to “belong” and “appear normal”.

it’s high time now to love yourself for who you are which translates to accepting the “quirks” and “flaws” you used to hate yet that simply make you unique.


Did you know…

that attributes like

  • a heightened perception,
  • the love for the exact use of words (and urge to correct those who don’t share this passion and can’t see the joy in studying dictionaries),
  • an insatiable thirst for learning and improving,
  • a very strong sense of justice,
  • (at times) roller-coaster rides of emotions, and
  • extreme (sometimes exhausting) empathy as well as
  • a need for precision

do make sense!

Because all the aspects above are correlated to something else… as I found out in 2015 (when I was 45).

It’s not easy to talk about “being gifted” and what it entails.

Other people do or may think that you are arrogant, a know-it-all and believe you are “something better”. Well, they are wrong.

Are you ready to flourish?

If this made you curious and you would love to

  • stop hindering yourself to show up as the best version of yourself,
  • stop dimming your light (aka intellectual capacities and creative power)
  • and figure out how to flourish and do your best work instead…

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