Hello – salut – hoi – holà – ciao!

Patricia is trying out new stuff … content on this website is following soon !

She knows what it’s like to have a mind which thinks so fast (and in several directions at once) and a heart that feels so deeply. She understands that your heightened sense of (in)justice and empathy can be exhausting.

You find articles in English by Patricia Mauerhofer and Patty Muffins on PatriciaMauerhofer.com

Check out her latest playground in French Sens et Sensibilité – un espace d’exploration pour les personnes atypiques qui adorent lire et savourer les mots.

Follow her on Instagram : patriciamauerhofer or prosperwithpoise

By Patricia Mauerhofer

Time Coach for Bright Adults and Multipotentialites | Blogger @ PatriciaMauerhofer.com & SensEtSensibilite.com

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